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Vg-3 tablets are the best and most highly effective Ayurvedic herbal treatment for a loose vagina. Used to help tighten and lift the walls of your intimate.

Product Description

VG 3 Tablets Pakistan

VG 3 Tablets Pakistan. Female’s genital passage loses its tightness and flexibility. Due to laxity in the tissues and weakened muscles of the walls of genital passage. This problem occurs largely due to poor hormonal balance, poor hormonal secretion. Also lesser flow of blood in the genital region. Pregnancy too is a prominent reason of looseness in the female genitalia as during delivery, the birth canal gets largely stretched out. Generally, genital wall muscles are flexible and revert back to their original stiffness after 5 to 6 months. But in some women the looseness becomes permanent.

Loose genital canal is most frequently found in women who have undergone more than one natural pregnancy. Aging, menopause, episiotomy (surgery), poor nutrition and bad sexual habits are also other important contributing causes of this condition.

This looseness wipes off both the sensation and pleasure during lovemaking for both the partners and makes entire activity bothering and a waste of time. A pleasurable orgasm is achieved when there is a friction between the male organ and the walls of female genitalia during the intercourse. When these walls are slack, they are unable to hold and have a grip on the male organ. Which does not give the males enough amount of satisfaction. This can be a major source of bickering and arguments between the couple. Other ill-effects and impacts of loose genitalia are uterine prolapse and uterine incontinence.

What VG 3 Tablet Works

In order to combat these undesirable outcomes, a woman must take the aid of a suitable natural treatment for loose vagina. Vg-3 tablets are the best and highly effective ayurvedic herbal treatment for loose vagina. Which provides wonderful results right from the day one which keeps on getting better and better every day. This extremely popular natural remedy provides mind-blowing results in a short time. Providing flexibility and tightness in walls of female’s genital passage and increasing the sensation of pleasure during lovemaking. This Vg-3 tablet also cures problem of dryness by stimulating mucous glands present in walls. Promote higher lubrication on arousal to facilitate smooth penetration.

Vg-3 herbal treatment for loose vagina stimulates the mucous glands to promote lubrication and also aids in increasing blood flow to the genitals. These tablets activate nerves of female genital region which contribute in providing a smooth penetration and movement of male organ. Due to these activated nerves, female gains electrifying waves of sensation and pleasure which results in maximum fun during the act. On regular use of this ayurvedic treatment for loose vagina, the tissues of walls get thicker and healthier and the genital passage becomes narrow, smooth and tight. Vg-3 tablets very effectively cure problems like dryness, too much discharge, infections and allergies too and increase pleasure for both the partners while making love.

How To Use VG 3 Tablet

At first, wash your hands properly to make sure they are completely clean. Now, one has to insert 1 Vg-3 tablet into the genital passage before going to sleep. This pill will immediately get dissolved and provide its action naturally. Before half an hour of lovemaking session too, insert this tablet to achieve excellent tightening effects for as long as 2 to 3 hours. This procedure must be followed daily or alternatively at night for 3 to 4 months. Vg-3 herbal treatment for loose vagina is strictly meant for genital use and must never be consumed orally.

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