Shark Power 48000 Delay Spray

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Made In : Germany

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  • Shark Power 48000 Delay Spray offers u an extended lasting sexual timing and stamina.
  • Stronger intercourse power, erection and persistence.
  • Splendid treatment for premature ejaculation in men in just 5 minutes.
  • Happy sex with complete confidence.
  • Confidence to meet your partner as long as she wants to.
  • Capacity to reach her on more than one orgasm.

Shark Power 48000 Delay Spray | Sex Timing Spray in Pakistan

Shark Power 48000 Delay Spray for men is highDEAF quality imported German Delay spray for increasing timing and sexual stamina in men while doing sex with his life partner. Premature ejaculation is the problem of every other men in the world. Guys want to do long time sexual activity as the see in porn movies but it is not possible in real world without sexual medicines and other harmful chemicals but thanks to TIMING SPRAY Shopping groups who brought imported and high quality delay spray in

Benefits of Sex Time Delay Spray
Delay Spray gives u a long lasting sexual timing and stamina.
Enhanced sex drive, erection and endurance.
Excellent remedy for premature ejaculation in men.
Satisfied sex with full confidence.
Confidence to satisfy your partner as long as she wants to.
Ability to reach her on multiple orgasms.
Lasts upto more than 3 hours.
Zero side effects.
Not needed a prescription or medical consultancy.

How to use Delay Spray

1- Use the timing spray in 10 minutes before sexual action.

2- Spray twice on top of penis to get timing for 20 to 30 minutes.

3- Spray on lower side of shaft to get timing of over 40 minutes.

4- Spray on entire penis on the if you need the sexual pleasure of over 60 minutes, but it will lessen the sensitivity of penis .

5- You can likewise apply onto palm of your hand and afterward rub the penis

6- After 15 minutes of use wash the penis with water for a superior sexual action.

7- If you feel a shivering sensation after application, simply disregard it as it will die down in a couple of moments minutes.

8- Delay Spray is for external use only.

Advantages of Shark Power 48000 Extra Strong Delay Spray;

One of the main highlights of  Shark Power 48000 Super  Extra Strong Delay Spray is its convenience and ease of use. The spray is simple to apply and can be used discreetly, making it a convenient option for men who want to improve their sexual performance. Additionally,the natural ingredients in the spray make it a safe and effective option for men who are looking for a natural alternative to other male enhancement products.

It is generally safe to use New Super  Extra Strong Delay Spray, but men should test the spray on a small area of skin before applying it to the penis to ensure that there are no allergic reactions. If any allergic reactions occur, the spray should be washed off immediately, and medical attention should be sought.

Overall, New Super Shark Power 48000 Extra Strong Delay Spray is a safe and effective male enhancement product that can help men improve their sexual performance and enjoy more satisfying sexual experiences. By reducing the sensitivity of the penis, the spray can help men to last longer and enjoy more pleasurable and intimate experiences with their partner.

Quantity; 45cc

Made in Germany

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