Mometasone Furoate Cream In Pakistan

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Mometasone Furoate Cream 15g

Terbinafine Mometasone Furoate Cream In Pakistan

Product Description

Mometasone skin treatments are used to treat itching, swollen and irritated skin. They can help with different types of eczema (including atopic dermatitis and seborrheic dermatitis) and

What is mometasone furoate Cream used for?

This medication is used to treat skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, allergies, and rash. Mometasone decreases swelling (inflammation), itching, and redness. Mometasone is a medium-strength corticosteroid.

Is mometasone safe for skin?

It is very important that you use this medicine only as directed by your doctor. Do not use more of it, do not use it more often, and do not use it for a longer time than your doctor ordered. To do so may cause unwanted side effects or skin irritation. This medicine is for use on the skin only

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