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King Of Ginger 7 Days In Pakistan |

7 Day Ginger Germinal Serum Essence Oil Loss Treatment Growth Hair,Ginger Germinal Oil, Ginger Hair Growth Serum, Ginger Essential Oil (1 Pack)

  • Chinese herbal formula prevent hair growth hair hair hair solid hair nutrition fat bald postpartum hair loss hair hair nutrition liquid 30ml
  • Ingredients: ginger, ginseng, loca festival, fleece-flower root, grape seed oil,hair growth shampoo ,hair vitamins ,hair growth products
  • Function: fast hair growth Capacity: 30ml Usage: add 3ml hair growth essence into 100ml shampoo and stir evenly 100% brand new and high quality,Solve hair loss problem,hairfall prevention,thinning hair treatments
  • extract old ginger King and other plants to prevent development and development of hair cream, apply to a variety of hair loss types, effectively help solve the problem such as fat bald, post-partum hair loss, congenital hair loss, hair dyeing and hair loss and other hair loss problems. Promotes scalp nutrient absorption, nourishes and repairs scalp, quickly helps hair re-growth, improves dryness, develops dense hair, and effectively suppresses dandruff.

Package Contents : 1 x Bottle hair growth liquid

Features:Accelerates hair growth and thickening by 30%-40%, meaning twice the results in half the time.Powerful and immediate repair of current damaged hair.Conditions hair to keep it healthy and tangle free throughout the day.Actively strengthens and thickens hair, reducing hair bi-furcation and unsightly split ends.Stimulates the scalp and prevents the production of DHT (a damaging compound which causes follicles to shrink). This prevents further hair loss, allowing your hair to thrive & regrow .Effectively penetrates the scalp and strengthens the hair roots .Specifications:Net weight : 200ml

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