Flying Tiger Oil In Pakistan

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Flying Tiger oil Price in Pakistan

Flying Tiger oil in Pakistan

Balm oil concentrated formula of natural herbal ingredients quickly provides penetrating heat and offers fast, safe and effective relief for the muscle and joint pain that come from backaches, arthritis, bruises and strains.

Composition and Constituents
Phudina Ka Phool- Aryabhishak 15%
Kapoor- Aryabhishak 10%
Wintergreen Tel- Bhav Prakash 18%
Lavang Tel- Aryabhishak 05%
Taj Tel- Aryabhishak 06%
Cajuput Tel- Bhavprakash 01%
Nilgiri Tel- Rastantrasar-1 01%
Jatiphal Tel- Aryabhishak 01%
Phudina Ka Tel- Aryabhishak 07%
Devdar Tel- Aryabhishak 01%
Coloured Ointment Base - Q.S
Colour: Toney Red, Quinazarine Green SS, Quinoline Yellow SS


Apply oil, prior to exercise, to arms and legs. Exercise as illustrated on the leaflet provided, to increase elasticity. Make sure your muscles do not cool down again after warming up! After the match or training session, limber down with the same exercises in reverse order followed by applying Flying Tiger Cub

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